Depository Safes

Goodwill depository safes is a great choice if you're in need of storing your savings, cash… or use it for purpose of building up charity fund at crowded places.

Because apart from exceptional fire resistant feature, this type of safes is designed with specific structure for the intended use for storing cash, coins etc. more safely.

  • With special fire-resistance material concrete.
  • Super strong locking mechanism and bolts.
  • Safe door designed strong & thick with security hinges.
  • Key lock & combination lock are double equipped.
  • Finish with fine powder coating.
Model External (mm) H x W x D Internal (mm) H x W x D Weight (Kg ) Drawer Shelf
DS-700C/E 720 x 460x 520 - 85 - -
DD-800C/E 880 x 600 x 525 - 180 - -
DD-900C/E 990 x 600 x 590 - 200 - -


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