Gun Cabinet

When it comes to Gun Cabinet, Goodwill Saigon Safe Co., LTD inherits an outstanding team who is fully understanding the design of Gun Cabinets.

We work closely and directly with our customers to design, manufacture and mass produce for gun cabinets, therefore giving our customers an advantage to stay on top of this competitive free enterprise market.

Our engineers are ready to receive any specifications from customers’ ideas and turn them into real products. We communicate and exchange the communication to our customers via 3D modeling & drawings and with verbal meetings. The Customers can choose to have our OEM/ODM products specifically for their market’s and branding.

Goodwill offers variety of gun cabinet models (sizes and specifications) where only well-constructed with durable thick steel, robust, rug and sturdy along with many nice features. The four-point locking system provides extra resistance and fortitude to the door while z-tabs to protect against prying and excessive external attack. High quality key lock with flexible interior organizer to give the maximum set up choices. Steel shelves are designed form ammunition storage.



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