At Goodwill Saigon Safe, we ensure our gun safes are fully engineered therefore bringing out a well-built safe structurally while maintaining an ultra-efficient production.

By investing in modern machineries, we believe in Operational Excellence, statistical-based and continuous improvement methodology for eliminating defects in any gun safes. We disciplined ourselves by virtually introducing and enforcing a visual inspection at very working stations on each product before they are reached to the final Quality Control unit.

Our aim is to bring the production cost down each day while providing safe customers with the most rugged, structured safe design on the market. We focus stay on the leading edge of excellent production to set us apart from the rest of the competitors. We will strive to continue to be the last word in high security, unequaled durability and cost savings for the safe customers.

The business model we pursue is lean and simple with the express purpose of giving customers the value they demand for securing their most valued possessions. Our engineering teams and outstanding floor operation employees are ready to meet any customers’ requests.



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